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Renowned pastor and psalmist, who flows under an apostolic and prophetic mantle, Doris Machin is a living example of a servant with a new song in her heart. Those who listen to her may notice a powerful voice that projects her passion and love for the Lord. Her passion is to fulfill God's call by establishing principles of the Lord’s Kingdom in every heart. Each day she seeks the freshness and guidance of the Father to manifest His works so every heart may experience a real and intimate relationship with the living God. 


In more than 25 years of ministry, Doris Machin has preached, taught, sung and ministered to different audiences in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Her prayer is that wherever God opens a door, the Word of God and the manifestation of His glory frees, transforms, heals, and saves - always recognizing that the honor and glory belongs only to Christ Jesus. 


Her Beginnings 


Doris Machin was born in a small town called West New York, on the other side of the Hudson River, in New Jersey, on February 27. She grew up in a Cuban home, surrounded by a family of four children: Herself, her sister, and two brothers. Doris says that since she was born, she was singing although she was always told to shut up. In high school she studies choral music for four years, which leads her to develop her "musical ear" and her love for music. Soon she decides to start a career in law, but before the end of the first year, she realizes that it was not what she wants to do. Responding to her entrepreneurial skills, she joins her dad in the family business. When she was certain to have found what would be her professional destiny, God draws other plans. 


Facing a Ministry 


Doris Machin accepted the Lord while listening to a song. She confessed Jesus as Savior in a song and took her first ministerial steps in Pregoneros de Justicia Missionary Church in Newark, New Jersey, under the pastoral care of Rev. Prudencio López, Her dream of belonging to the worship group and singing praises to the One who put the new song in her heart became a reality when in 1988, with just six months of her conversion, she joins the music ministry of the church. There she served singing and playing keyboard until she became its director during her last years in the local ministry. 



In the local church, God made His call noticeable and taught her the meaning of being a minister of the altar. In 1990, Doris finished her first musical production, "Surrendered to Christ", marking a new beginning in her life and calling. In 1995, after the launch of two productions as the first steps of her ministerial career, Doris feels a call from God to move to the city of Miami, "I will open doors to the nations and Miami will be the springboard", the Lord told her. When she and her parents move to Miami, she begins to attend Pregoneros de Justicia church, in the city of Hialeah, until, moved by the direction of the Lord, God sows her in the church of King Jesus, where Guillermo and Ana Maldonado pastor. After two years of service there, she is ordained as Minister. 


Time to Sow in Others 


As she seeks to fulfill a mandate from God when the Lord said, "I want you to raise me an army of music ministers for Me", Glory Worship Institute was born, in 1999, a center for musical and ministerial training in South Florida, with the purpose of building and forming the character of God in every musician called to today's Levitical ministry. Also in 1999, Glory Music Group, Inc. is established with the vision of training, providing ministerial coverage and being a platform for new musical ministries that God is raising today. Glory Music Group produced and distributed ministries such as Blest, Samuel Hernández, Alabastro, Heri, and Shanna, Poll among others. In addition, music ministries such as 20/20 and La Hormiga, from Argentina, Piedras Vivas, among others, were made known through this label. In another step that goes hand in hand with her desire to support other ministries, Doris began the construction and design of a recording studio in the city of Miami. 


Time to Pastor 


In 2004, God's call to Doris' life begins a new stage where she begins as a pastor of "The Worship Tabernacle" (Tabernaculo de Adoracion) whose purpose is that of raising and restoring the fallen tabernacle of David in every worshipper. 

She is currently a pastor in the city of Miami, raising a tabernacle in each heart that manifests the Glory of God. 


By their Fruit… 


From the microphone to the pen…. in 2007 Doris launches her first book, Apostolic Worship (Adoracion Apostolica), where she tells the experience of a path Jesus traveled as minister of praise and worship. This book is about the fruit of your life and intimacy with God. That fruit is what needs to be established in the heart of each individual. Currently, Pastor Doris continues to work on books and music born in the heart of the Father. 


Through the years, thousands of lives have been transformed, healed, and set free because of the call of this woman. Doris has pioneered music and ministry wherever God takes her by establishing precedents and opening the way for women in ministry. Her apostolic anointing activates and establishes the eternity of God. Her prophetic mantle affirms, confirms and edifies each life manifesting His miracles, signs and wonders wherever she goes.

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