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Dr. RAINIERO RODRIGO DIAZ was born on August 29, 1959 in Bogotá, Colombia. From an early age he was inclined to work in the ministry, demonstrating this in his family, college, university and in the financial industry where he worked in banking for 11 years.

Dr. Díaz has been happily married to Lucy Stella Suárez for 35 years, and has a  son, Cristhian David Diaz Suárez, and a daughter, Maria Victoria Diaz Suárez.

He and his family are true pioneers. More than forty years ago, he went from being a businessman in Bogotá, Colombia, to becoming a young missionary in several towns and cities, moving from Colombia to Venezuela while preaching the gospel. During that time, he built churches and many Bible schools in different cities. His responsibilities were as diverse in Venezuela as in Colombia, as he traveled from one country to another to nurture churches under his supervision.

In 1992, Dr. Díaz settled in Venezuela and established his ministry in the city of Guacara. He founded other churches in several cities in the country, such as: Maracaibo, Coro, Punto Fijo, Cumaná and Cabimas. His ministerial sphere has led him to become the founder of the apostolic mission team (Proton Ministries) with a worldwide reach in South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.


Dr. Rodrigo Díaz is a man that God uses to change nations. The Lord has anointed him to break old mentalities and propel the church into a new perspective of the Kingdom. Under the leadership of their ministry, lives are transformed forever. His fundamental passion is to see lives living with purpose and healthy marriages and families. At the ministerial level, he has developed teachings to propagate a higher level of worship and teachings of the Word of God that emphasize the principle of fatherhood (spiritual paternity).

For more than forty years, Dr. Rodrigo Díaz has been pastor of a growing church, a denominational executive, a church consultant and an organizational leader. He has faced and overcome many leadership problems common to these environments. As an apostolic pioneer, he is very familiar with matters related to apostolic ministry, and serves as a consultant to achieve restructuring and realignment of the church.


In 2017 he came on board as  Associate Pastor at TDA-Miami, Dr. Diaz is helping a new generation of leaders to fulfill God's call on their lives. He serves as a mentor to leaders, business leaders and men and women in strategic leadership positions. His apostolic vision has an immense impact on all who hear him speak or read his books. His charisma and love are contributing to raising a new generation of world changers. 

His local Ministerial duties include:

Heading our Hispanic Ministry (Spanish-speaking meetings), and is responsible for holding Sunday Celebration meetings, training connection group leaders to ensure the efficient growth of the Hispanic church, developing a leadership team from which future elders will be selected. His duties also consist of the development of special programs such as: School of Leadership, School of Biblical Foundation, Healing the Heart School. He also develops and imparts teachings in activities such as retreats, seminars, preaching, workshops, and plenaries in general. He also works in the preparation of biblical material to teach at our training center. He also serves married couples and men (members of the congregation) in counseling.

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