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TDA-MIAMI (The Worship Tabernacle) is not a simple building or structure. The Tabernacle of Worship is a family gathered and called by God to impact not only the south of Miami, but also all nations carrying the Word and the Presence of God wrapped in His infinite love. More than a church, we are a ministry with the purpose of training, training and directing lives to their purpose and destiny in God through an intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father through Jesus. Through the revealed and activated Word of God we guide each mind and heart at the foot of the Cross and teach them to walk in the promises of God, this allows us to see every day, transformed lives, restored marriages, complete families serving God, youth and children walking in the supernatural power of God and manifesting the Kingdom wherever they go. We walk in the revelation that we are a temple ... we are the church ... we are the ambassadors of the Kingdom called to the whole world to preach, teach, heal and release, showing the supernaturality of God, just as the Lord Jesus himself did in YOUR earthly ministry.


In the beginning of 2004 God deposited a burning fire in the heart of Doris Machin to raise and pastor lives that were in need. Through the prophetic voice of his mentor and pastor at that time, the Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, affirmed his call and sent it with his blessing in August of the same year. Doris asked God that if He called her to pastor, it would be a different place with a fresh and transcendent vision. A place that wreaked havoc on hell and sowed the Kingdom of God in every mind and heart.

Where we began

We started the first meetings at the Dadeland Marriott in Miami, FL with 15 people and we were there for a year, growing, learning, maturing, until God moved us to our own place.

Where we are

The small faithful group of 15 has grown into a ministry that has seen thousands of people and families transformed. Pastor Doris continues to sow and build lives with biblical messages and applicable to the daily life. Flowing in the apostolic and the prophetic, and with her unique and at least style, the Pastor takes each life to a personal encounter within the pages of the Bible. Each service is a celebration and manifestation of HIS Presence giving a new and fresh experience in the Lord.

Where we are Going

After the task of raising the supernatural army, we walk in faith, with a vision without barriers or limits, pursuing God's dreams towards this ministry. Raising the training center that works with children and young people and people with a willing heart; taking the message to the entire world to the ends of the earth conquering all means of communication by air and by land and cyberspace. Music publications, books, movies and all art forms will manifest the Kingdom and continue to snatch souls for the Kingdom of God while conquering what seems to be unconquerable for the glory of the Father.

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